Tim Wihl: How dangerous is Emmanuel Macron – really?

On the German and English speaking website Verfassungsblog.de, Tim Wihl, research associate at Christoph Möller’s Chair on Public Law and Philosophy of Law, just published a short article on the current state of emergency situation in France. Asking to what extent Emmanuel Macron represents a risk for civil liberties in France, Wihl argues, that the latest supreme court decisions will help to recover civil and political liberties. The Assemblée Nationale, although it has a limited impact on extensions and tightenings of the rules governing the state of exception, has also proven, according to Wihl, to be the branch that the French people can still count on to preserve their liberties against executive overreach.

The full text of Tim Wihl is available here: Wihl, Tim: How dangerous is Emmanuel Macron – really?, VerfBlog, 2017/6/19, http://verfassungsblog.de/how-dangerous-is-emmanuel-macron-really/, DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.17176/20170619-100459.

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