CfP – State of emergency and Corona-Virus

Since last Friday, more and more European countries have declared a state of emergency in order to fight the corona-virus and to flatten the numbers of infections. I have since then come up with an overview of state of emergency regulations and decisions, that I’ll try to keep updated as good as possible.

Nevertheless, when it comes to state of emergency application, the justification issued by the government becomes crucial. This justification sets a frame of reference when it comes to legitimize suspension of fundamental human rights, such as free movement, or freedom of the press, for example.

As I am not familiar in depth with all the political situations and discussions in the EU-27_2020 countries and as I do not speak all the various languages either, I would like to invite contributions that analyze the declaration of state of emergency due to the corona-pandemic in one of the EU-27_2020-countries that are affected: What were the reasons provided by the government for declaring a state of emergency? What measures do emergency declarations contain and what is the legal framework for these measures? Was there any critique with regard to the measures in the political public?

Contributions must be written in English and shall not exceed 15.000 characters. Harvard citation style and a list of works of reference is required. Articles will be published on this blog as soon as possible after review and corrections (open access, listed in library catalogues with ISSN 2569-0272).

If you are interested, please leave a comment below this CfP with your contact data. Contact data will not be published on the blog. I will then get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, send me an email to (answer may take up to 36hrs, sorry). The distribution of this CfP in your networks is very much appreciated.

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