State of Exception – New Normality?

This is a short preview of the contents of the forthcoming issue 3/2018 of the German Journal of Political Science (Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft, ZPol), dealing with various issues of state of emergency politics.  In the weeks to come, you can find abstracts for all articles (DE/EN) listed below on this blog. Titles or sequence of appearance might be subject to change.

Matthias Lemke  / Ece Göztepe / Olivier Cahn (Ed.), New Normality? State of Emergency as Contemporary Government Technique.


Matthias Lemke (Lübeck)
What does State of Exception Mean? A Definitional and Analytical Approach


Ewa Atanassow (Berlin) / Ira Katznelson (New York)
State of Exception in the Anglo-American Liberal Tradition

Marie Goupy (Paris)
The State of Exception Theory of Carl Schmitt and the Ambivalent Criticism of Liberalism

Rafael Valim (São Paolo)
State of Exception: The Legal Form of Neoliberalism

Tobias Schottdorf (Lüneburg)
Law, Democracy and the State of Emergency. A Theory Centered Analysis of the Democratic Legal State in Times of Exception


Sabine Mischner (Freiburg)
The Temporalities of Exception. The Long Shadow of the American Civil War

Thomas Blanck (Cologne)
A Revolutionary State of Exception: Munich, 1918/1919

Hanno Balz (Baltimore)
Head of State of Exception. Federal German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt and the Supralegal Crisis Management during the 1970s


Anne-Marlen Engler (Berlin)
Shifting the Question to Law Itself: Agamben’s Permanent State of Exception and German Refugee Camps in Empirical Research

Myriam Feinberg (Haifa)
States of Emergency in France and Israel – Terrorism, ‘Permanent Emergencies’ and Democracy

Elisa Bertolini (Milan)
Democracy and the State of Exception. The Italian Experience

Ece Göztepe (Ankara)
The Permanency of the State of Emergency in Turkey. The Rise of a Constituent Power or Only a New Quality of the State?

Annette Förster (Aachen)
The Expansion of Executive Force in the War on Terror and its Impact on Domestic and International Norms

Dante Gatmaytan (Quezon)
Duterte, Judicial Deference, and Democratic Decay in the Philippines


Jan Christoph Suntrup (Bonn)
The Symbolic Politics of the State of Exception: Images and Performances

Julian Müller (Leipzig)
European Human Rights Protection in Times of Terrorism – the State of Emergency and the Emergency Clause of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)

Jonas Heller (Frankfurt/M)
Democracy and State of Eception as Dialectic between Demos and Population


Ece Göztepe (Ankara) / Olivier Cahn (Paris) / Matthias Lemke (Lübeck)
New Normality? Perspectives on Contemporary Research on State of Exception

For further information, please contact Matthias Lemke on behalf of the editors.

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